1946 2-Ton Truck
1946 Chevy 2-Ton Dump truck
This "Little" gem was purchased in North Dakota from a farm estate
auction,with a little patience and a lot of phone calls the trucks was
shipped.  The truck weighs about 5000lbs and is about 23' long.  It
came standard with a 216 cubic inch 6cyl that produced a whopping
80.5 hp.  The truck is rated as a 2 ton capacity,  the bed alone is 13'
At this point the truck was
leaving North Dakota and
on its way to East Jordan,

Now we wait.......
The truck made it
and is now in
the safe hand of US.
The tires on the truck
are a little worse for
wear.  The rear tires
hold air for a little
while, well at least we
thought.  We managed
to get the truck into the
shop and looked it over
pretty good.  Whilst
it over
the left rear tire blew
out and we decided we
both needed a little
time out before we
re-evaluated the