Dustless Blasting
Dustless Media Blasting.
The Green Way to Remove Paint and Rust"
What is dustless media blasting you may
ask.  Dustless media blasting is the ONLY
environmentally friendly way to remove
paint and rust from steel, fibreglass, tin,
aluminium and various other metals and
composites.  Through the dustless
blasters new technology there is no heat
applied to the structure there for
eliminating warping of thin metals.  After
blasting a HOLDTITE solution is applied
to the bare metal, this allows the metal to
sit for up to 72 hours before priming is

This is the BIGGEST advancement in
blasting in over 60 years
Thats right we are going "GREEN"
Above are some youtube links of the "dustless blaster" in action,

We can blast anything from pedal cars to snow plows, fishing boat
hulls to .......Well almost anything.

We can also prime your project with a top quality PPG primer when

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